POE Bluetooth Proxy

SLZB-06 utilizes ESP32 chip so can be used as a ESPHome Bluetooth proxy adapter for Home Assistantopen in new window.



BTProxy can't be used as both Zigbee coordinator and Bluetooth proxy at the same time. Either Zigbee adapter OR Bluetooth proxy

So with SLZB-06 you can have:

  • POE ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy adapter

How to set-up your SLZB-06 as ESPHome Bluetooth proxy

  1. Generate ESPHome firmware based on the following ESPHome BTProxy YAML configuration fileopen in new window.
  2. Flash you generated firmware to your SLZB-06's ESP32 chip following the official manualopen in new window;.
  3. Follow official ESPHome BTProxy component documentationopen in new window for proper end-devices set-up.


SLZB-06 can't run both Zigbee and Bluetooth networks simultaneously, so if you are using BTPorxy, you are not able to use as Zigbee adapter