SLZB-06 Manual

SLZB-06 Manual

SLZB-06 Zigbee Ethernet USB PoE LAN Universal Adapter

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Works in both modes - Zigbee to Ethernet and Zigbee to USB adapter. Zigbee to WiFi is possible by SLZB-06, currently under development in firmware.

PoE support

Get rid of power cables and plugs! Power your device with PoE.

Ukrainian quality!

Made with love by Ukrainians.

This is an official, online and always up-to-date manual of SLZB-06 Zigbee Ethernet USB PoE LAN Adapter.
Current stable version of Zigbee (CC2652P) Firmware is 20220219open in new window.
Current stable version of Peripheral (ESP32) Firmware is 0.9.8open in new window