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Best channel for a Zigbee network

According to this article by Metageekopen in new window the best is to use channel 15 for ZIgbee and channels 1,6 and 11 for your home WiFi networks. The rule - make the networks as less overlaps as possible.
Have a look on other interesting topics at those web-resource, some of them are listed below:

Common errors

Zigbee2MQTT: Error Network Commissioning Timeout (panID or extendedPanID already exists nearby)

This error is discussed in these two threads: firstopen in new window and secondopen in new window.
According to the first thread, the most possible issue cause this error is: zigbee2mqtt will always use the same, default extendedPanId unless you set it to something else in the config file

  pan_id: GENERATE
  ext_pan_id: [0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0x06, 0x07, 0x08]
  network_key: GENERATE

According to the second thread, the users propose to start without antennas or routers nearby: Try unscrewing the antenna during startup. Or unplug any near by routers temporarily. Try to do abovementioned as well as start ZHA just to test your device:

  1. Go to Home Assistant
  2. Click Settings
  3. Go to Devices & Services
  4. Click Add integration (right bottom corner)
  5. Find «Zigbee Home Automation», click on it;
  6. Between two options «Add Zigbee device» and «Zigbee Home Automation» choose Zigbee Home Automation;
  7. Select serial port window - Enter manually
  8. Radio type window - ZNP = Texas Instruments Z-Stack ZNP …
  9. Serial port settings window:
  • Serial device path: « socket:// », where is IP address of your SLZB-06;
  • port speed left by default 115200;
  • data flow control undefined (it does not matter for LAN adapters)
  1. Press Submit.
  2. Network formation window - Erase network settings and form a new network
  3. Wait for Zigbee network and try to add some Zigbee end-device (e.g. sensor etc)

If ZHA starts - means that the problem in communication between Zigbee2MQTT and Z-Stack firmware, flashed to the adapter. To solve it - try steps above ZHA part.

Add some functionality

SLZB-06 & ESPHome firmware

You can run ESPHome firmware on your SLZB-06 device. Follow this official repositoryopen in new window for the latest ESPHome YAML file.

Run SLZB-06 as a Zigbee router


  1. Download a router firmwareopen in new window - you have to use ...other_router
  2. Flash it using the manual in section Flashing and Updatingopen in new window;
  3. Power the device On. It will start in a pairing mode so add it to your current zigbee network. If you want to re-pair it, go to the web-interface, sectionn SYstem and Tools and press Router reconnect at the System control tab.


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