Updating Zigbee Chip

User can flash Zigbee SoC (which is Texas Instruments CC2652P for SLZB-06 series and Silicon Labs EFR32 for SLZB-06M series) any of the tools described at Zigbee2MQTT official web page here:open in new window.
There are several options for updates:

  • Update over web-interface (recommended)
  • Over-the-USB update
  • Update with HW flasher Below you can find detail manuals for few flashing options from those link.


Update over web-interface can be done distantly without a physical access to your device! Auto updated over web interface is available with the coordinator's firmware version 2. Please refer for the SLZB-06 Core firmware updates hereopen in new window.


While updating Zigbee chip via web-interface, SLZB-06/06M series device has to have access to the internet to check for the latest Zigbee firmware and be able to download it!

  1. Go to the SLZB-06/06M's web interface.
  2. Go to "Settings and Tools" -> "Firmware update" -> "Zigbee OTA Update" -> "Check for updates".
  3. Choose available firmware and press "Flash...". Wait till untill message "Zigbee OTA update done" appear.

Process video manual could be checked here (stat at 01:00m) Youtube SLZB-06 video reviewopen in new window.


SLZB-06/06M series has AUTO-UPDATE feature. Once it is enabled, Coordinator checks for new firmwares every week and performs updates, if they are available.

Over-the-USB update SLZB-06


Texas Instruments is a manufacturer of Zigbee SoC CC2652P which is used in SLZB-06 adapter. The most "true" method is to use official flasher although it is more complicated process.

  1. Download latest Zigbee firmware. SLZB-06 Adapter is based on CC6252P from Texas Instruments. Firmwares are based on Z-Stack. You can see the best one here Koenkk Z-Stack firmware on Githubopen in new window. Use frmware with a tag "...other_coordinator_";
  2. Download official Texas Instruments Flash Programmer 2open in new window;
  3. Install Flash Programmer 2;
  4. Connect your SLZB-06 to your network and USB port;
  5. Be sure, that your PC has USB drivers and SLZB-06 USB is recognized. If no, please install either CP2102 driveropen in new window or CH9102 driveropen in new window depending you your hardware;
  6. Change your SLZB-06 mode to Zigbee-to-USB with active Keep network & web server at the General tab of the web-interface;
  7. At SLZB-06 web-interface, go to the System and Tools, press button Zigbee Flash Mode;
  8. Open your Flash Programmer 2 from step 3. At the left window Connected devices click on Unknown and below at Selected target choose CC2652P;

    You have to get the following:

  9. Do the following settings:
  • Select firmware file under the Flash images(s) with the option Single;
  • Make activer checkboxes Erase (All unprotected pages), Program (Entire source file), Verify (CRC check)
  • Please very very careful, the Disable bootloader should remain UNCHECKED. Otherwise you will not be able to flash CC2652P via USB or LAN but just with external programmer;
    You have to get the following:


Zigbee connectivity (e.g. Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA) should be disconnected. Flashing is impossible when the adapter is in active state.

  1. Press the Start button (with Triangular) to Start the flashing;
    You have to get the following:

  2. Wait until the message Success! is apeared at the progressbar and Status window states Reset of target successful. Flashing takes about 3 seconds;
    You have to get the following:

  3. That is it. Flashing is done. You can use your device now with the new Zigbee firmware.

Update with HW flasher

SLZB-06/06M series adapters contain DIY pinouts that enable users to flashe directly by J-LINK programmer. Please note, that pin-outs are 1.27mm size.

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