Getting started


SLZB-06 is Zigbee adapter, that enables Zigbee packet forwarding over Ethernet, WiFi or Serial (USB) connection, and serves as an access point in a Zigbee network. Zigbee adapter allows you to connect devices from different producers (Tuya, IKEA, Xiaomi, Gledopto, Moes, Sonoff and others) into one system. In order to properly use SLZB-06 you need to have an instance of Home Assistantopen in new window and zigbee2mqttopen in new window.

What is in the box?

  • 1x SLZB-06 Zigbee Ethernet PoE USB WiFi Adapter
  • 1x 5dB Antenna
  • 1x microUSB-to-typeC adapter (just in case you want to use as USB but do not have type-C cable)
  • 2x adhesive tapes - if you want to stock you adapter - easiest way to do that
  • 2x screws - if you want to fix your adapter by screws - easey, they are included
  • 1x screwdriver - you will use it to fix by screws;
  • 1x screw-helper and QR-manual - even more easy screw fixing and link to this manual;

Powering the device

Device can be powered by either PoE through Ethernet cable or by type-C plug.


Package contains microUSB-typeC adapter. If you want to power on your device by type-C but do not have type-C cable, use microUSB-typeC adapter.


SLZB-06 has optoelectronic isolation, so can be connected to USB port of your PC and at the same time to Ethernet/PoE cable!

LED behaviour

  • Yellow LED is the power LED. Default operation: On when the unit is connected to a power source.
  • Blue LED is the operation mode LED. Default operation: On when the device is in Zigbee-to-USB mode and off when the device is in Zigbee-to-Ethernet mode.
  • Green LED - Zigbee2MQTT connection LED. Default operation: On when Zigbee2MQTT has successfully connected to the device and Zigbee network is established.
  • Red LED - reserved for further work with Zigbee2MQTT

Stick to wall

SLZB-06 adapter can be attached to the wall, or anything else you want, with either double-sided adhesive tape or screws. Both are included in the package.
See the 6-step graphic instructions below for attaching the SLZB-06 adapter to double-sided adhesive tape and screws.

Adhesive tape



Screwdriver included in the package